TallinnJS is a group of developers passionate about JavaScript and interested to meet to discuss best practices, share personal experience and learn more about applying this technology to solve arising challenges in various projects.

We are open to see both beginners and experienced engineers, who are willing to join this community and have a great time by sharing knowledge and gaining skills by learning something new.

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November 16 @ Öpik
Denis Radin
Technical evangelist @ Evolution gaming, Amsterdam
Applying NASA coding standards to JavaScript
NASA coding guidelines is a set of code guidelines that has been applied to support such famous missions as Curiosity Mars rover and Voyager probe which left solar system after 25 years of flight and still providing scientific information. All these missions are widely known for high level of automation and long duration and it is an amazing experience to know how to solve such mission critical tasks within increased software complexity. Let's have a look and try to apply NASA coding guidelines to JavaScript / HTML applications for higher performance, reliability and the better world.
Sergei Chipiga
Senior Automation Engineer @ Derivco, Tallinn
Functional autotests development with asynchronous JavaScript
In JavaScript we often deal with asynchronous behaviour and it requires some effort to develop proper functional autotests. Let's have a look what different frameworks like Mocha.js, Selenium, WebdriverIO, Protractor and Nightwatch.js have to offer to tackle this challenge and make tests more readable as step-by-step executed functions. In addition, we will go through framework-less testing techniques applying Promises and modern Async/Await features and review how to build own testing framework.
Viktor Kuroljov
Software Engineer @ Cloudator, Tallinn
An existing friend you never knew about
JavaScript is dynamically typed language which makes it easy to learn and use. Once you implement a lot of business logic in JavaScript you may further face challenges to figure out what exactly your function gets in as a parameters and what does it eventually return. To solve these challenges, let’s have a look at Flow static type checker and apply it for your JavaScript code.
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